Saturday, May 18, 2013

For My Wife - Entry #35

I finally wrote to my wife.  Well, I will write to her next week.  She will represent the next to last person on my Writing Project list (As someone who appreciates symmetry the last person will be the first, but more about that next week).  She has been my main supporter, editor, and confidante.  Almost every blog post has passed by her probing eyes for approval before being posted online. 

She has waited patiently for her card.  At the start of my undertaking she would occasionally ask, sometimes nonchalantly, sometimes more overt, when her turn would come.  Days, weeks, and months have glided by since Day 1 and no handwritten correspondence has arrived in our mailbox addressed to her.  When questioned I deftly deflected the inquiry or smoothly changed the subject.  I didn’t want to reveal that I was saving the best for last.  I viewed this pre-planned denouement to The Writing Project as being a touch romantic with a sense of rhythm and beauty combining to a lyrical climax (I doth wax the poetic!). 

What about the card’s contents?  I had less then one week to sort through the myriad choices I could make.  The list of possibilities I contemplated to include ran the gamut of the ups and downs, the highs and lows of a 25+ year marriage--memories, feelings, stories, reminiscences, appreciations, passions, sentiments, etc., etc.  What would I lovingly embrace?  Cherish?  Conversely, what would I forsake or jettison?  To further complicate my decisions, all of my writings had to fit within the confines of a single notecard, albeit in this case an oversized one.  I pondered.  I reflected. 

And then, as I was dozing in and out of consciousness in front of a Man From U.N.C.L.E. episode, the answer to my conundrum came to me fast and furious.  Such a straightforward solution, I thought.  I could encapsulate everything I wanted to say simply and succinctly.  Now, part of me would love to share my thoughts with you but, on the other hand, there should be missives that are sacrosanct between a husband and a wife.  Besides, she still needs to proofread this post so I don’t want to give anything away ahead of time.

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