Monday, May 28, 2012

Comments, Cards & Correspondence - Entry #5

The first notes and a letter were dropped in the mailbox the past few days.  Later this week I will chronicle the first few correspondence that I have sent out.  But first I want to thank readers for their emails and notes (mailed to me) commenting on the upcoming Writing Project.  One individual stated, “I still write hand written letters, dipping my pen in ink and finishing it off with a wax seal.

If you have a handwritten story—concerning a card or letter you received or one you sent out—please mail it to me.  I would love to read them and try to share some of the content with those perusing this blog.  My address is:, 41 Crossroads Plaza #221, West Hartford, CT  06117.  As this undertaking begins I really am looking at this experience as a shared journey. 

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